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Green Side Up Landscaping versus other landscapers?

February 3, 2023

Honestly, what’s the difference between any landscaper? They all promise the world and many underdeliver. Most landscapers rave about their quality and seem to ghost you when you have a concern at the end of the project or the attention to detail falls off as the contract goes on. Why is this the norm? Why are you spending your hard-earned money on services that are OK at best? So what’s the difference between Green Side Up Landscaping versus other landscapers?

Green Side Up Landscaping has tried to build our client experience from a homeowner’s perspective. What would we want out of a landscaper if we were hiring a landscape contractor to service our home? There are 5 areas that we think are the most important when selecting a landscape contractor in Richmond, VA, or Williamsburg, VA.


1. Type of Landscape Contractor (Commerical vs Residential)

Most landscapers claim to be able to service all types of clients. The honest answer is you can only do one very well since they are so different in client needs. 

Green Side Up Landscaping’s sole focus is on servicing residential clients. We have focused our systems around residential clients, they include:

  • Leveraging technology to make learning about, meeting and interacting with very easy.
  • High communication to inform our clients what is happening on their property in a timely manner.
  • Frequent check-ins with quality controls so you know we are not falling asleep at the wheel.
  • Proactively suggesting services that will increase the curb appeal of your landscape and add value to your property.

It takes A LOT of work to make sure ALL of your clients feel taken care of and we strive for that daily.


2. Technology leader

Landscaping used to be the “good ole boy” network where it was just accepted that they were “going to come when they were going to come” and “you got what you got”. Clients now demand a different level of service to be satisfied. Green Side Up Landscaping leverages technology to help in our client experience. Here are just a few examples:

  • An up-to-date website with helpful videos, Pricing info, and FAQs
  • Online Scheduling to eliminate the phone tag just to set a meeting with reminders.
  • Proposals you can electronically sign and submit a deposit.
  • Automated emails to let you know when services have been scheduled & completed.
  • Post-service reports with details about jobs completed at your site.
  • Online payment options include ACH and credit cards.

These are just a few examples of how we have made your experience easier with the use of technology. 


3. Communication

The one aspect that will destroy ANY relationship is how two parties communicate with each other. In reality, it’s the lack of communication that hurts any relationship. Green Side Up Landscaping has built many systems to ensure great communication lines with our clients. We have listed a few examples below:

  • Clients have a direct Point of contact(POC) that can answer any questions and schedule work.
  • “Customer for LIFE” visits. Meeting face-to-face on your property is best for keeping this relationship flourishing.
  • Easy Online Scheduling with your POC or online with our sales team.
  • Automated emails to let you know when services have been scheduled & completed.
  • Post-service reports with details about jobs completed at your site.
  • Ongoing education:(examples below)
    • Timely newsletters about relevant topics that you should know
    • Plant Health Care: When a planting job is completed we automatically enroll in our plant healthcare series that gives you guidelines for keeping those newly installed plants alive, not to mention reminders to check in on your plants.
    • Seeding/ Sodding watering instructions post service.
    • Irrigation Controller suggested settings and tips.


4. Knowledgeable Team

Let us be honest, anyone with a truck and a trailer can become a landscaper overnight. This does not mean they have the knowledge but only the equipment. Just like a doctor, they are practicing on you.

Education is key to making sure you are making the right decisions about your landscape at the right time. In the Richmond, VA and Williamsburg, VA area, we do not know of another landscape company that has three owners with college degrees in horticulture and turfgrass. Talk about a step above the competition, this will surely blow the other landscapers out of the water. If you want to learn more about us you can read and explore our detailed bio’s.

In addition to having degreed professionals as owners, many of our staff are certified horticulturalists and carry pesticide applicators licenses.

Knowing what you are doing and not just having the equipment goes a long way in making your landscape stand above your neighbors.


5. Quality 

Saying that our quality can’t be matched is easy, so easy, that most landscapers say it. In this situation, let’s let the reviews do the talking. 400+ reviews with a 4.9 average, come on, your favorite restaurant that you love does not even have a rating that high. 


We have put a great deal of thought into our customer experience. Establishing and maintaining a relationship with our clients is super important to us. As you can see there is a difference between Green Side Up Landscaping versus other landscapers.