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The Benefits of Spring Cleanup for Your Richmond, VA Landscape

February 21, 2023

Richmond, VA Spring CleanupWinter is loosening its icy grip and spring weather is just around the corner. While you may be anticipating warmer days, lush green grass growth, and spring flowers, your yard could probably use some TLC in preparation for the growing season. Most people think of spring cleaning as something that occurs inside the home, but spring cleanup is essential for your outdoor space as well. Before tender plants pop up from the soil and grass and weeds start growing steadily, it’s a good idea to take a few steps to prepare your property for healthy spring growth.

Seasonal cleanup in spring is the process of clearing leaves, preparing soil, refreshing garden spaces, mulching, etc. to get your landscape ready for a healthy growing season. There are many benefits of outdoor spring cleanup just before warm weather arrives.

Debris Removal Promotes a Healthy Lawn

Winter wind, rain, snow, and ice can wreak havoc on tree branches, leaves, and other vegetation, leaving all types of natural litter on your lawn and the surrounding landscape. While some of this vegetation can act as a natural fertilizer, large amounts can deter the growth of grass and plants and even be dangerous. Debris removal clears away twigs, branches, and thick leaf cover to improve your yard’s appearance and prepare your yard for spring growth.

Mulch Protects Tender Plants

Different types of mulch work in various ways to protect plants and inhibit weed growth. Professional spring cleaning with mulch application can help you control weeds and lock in moisture for healthy spring plants. Mulch acts as a barrier between your plants and the environment. It stops erosion and locks nutrients in the soil near your plants. Professionally applied mulch can significantly reduce weed growth in your garden when the warm weather arrives. 

Pruning Keeps Shrubs and Gardens Neat

Shrubs and perennials are an important part of the curb appeal of your outdoor space. Often, they are the first plants to bloom in early spring. Keeping shrubs neat and tidy improves the appearance of your landscape and your home. Spring cleanup gives professionals a chance to prune rose bushes and other shrubs and clean up crape myrtles while they are dormant. Cutting back perennials and grass overgrowth ensures your yard will be picture-perfect when spring arrives.  

Edging Makes Pathways Safe

Your yard is a beautiful functional place that your family navigates every day. Debris and overgrowth that extend into your walking trails, pathways, or stepping stones can look unattractive and cause tripping hazards. Spring cleanup that includes edging services, promotes safety and improves your home’s curb appeal for all the time you’ll be spending outdoors when the weather suddenly warms up.

Clean Garden Beds Grow Healthy Plants

Richmond, VA Landscape Maintenance and Leaf RemovalLike other areas in your yard, your garden beds can accumulate several inches of vegetative debris during the fall and winter.  A thick layer of debris can hide weed growth that can take over your garden before plants have time to grow. By cleaning out your garden beds in advance, you can improve sunlight and airflow to your garden beds to get them ready for spring planting or annual growth.

During spring cleanup, professionals clear debris from your garden beds and trim back perennials. Then the beds are redefined with a proper edge before fresh mulch is applied. This professional treatment is the secret ingredient to creating a stunning landscape that is sure to stand out.

Spring cleanup is an important part of keeping your outdoor space attractive and healthy. Learn more about the benefits of seasonal landscape cleanup from the professionals at Green Side Up Landscaping, or schedule an appointment to plan for your healthy spring plant growth.