Maintenance FAQs

Here at Green Side Up Landscaping, we want to help homes and businesses keep their lawns and landscaping looking great from early spring all the way into late autumn, and we do that in a number of ways. Our customers often have questions about how these services work, so we have assembled this list of FAQs to answer the most common of those inquiries.

What services do you provide?

If you have any landscaping needs whatsoever, Green Side Up Landscaping either can do it themselves or reach out to one of our many resources to ensure your project is completed. Our many landscaping maintenance services primarily include mowing, trimming, mulching, lawn fertilization and weed prevention, but we have ways to ensure other landscaping needs are met, as well. If you have questions about the availability of certain services or what they may cost, just contact us and we will help you put together a customized maintenance program that meets all of your needs.

How often do you mow?

While every customer’s experience will be personalized, we mow roughly 34 times over the course of the year, starting sometime in the early spring and continuing through the first week of November. If the weather is unseasonably warm or unseasonably cold before or after those times, we obviously can make arrangements to ensure that a lawn looks great for the entirety of its annual growth cycle.

When is mulching done?

mulchingMulching typically is done as soon as the coldest weather of the year has wrapped up, which means we can begin laying out our hand-tossed mulch as early as February for commercial properties and likely early March for our residential customers. This means landscaped areas not only look great as early in the year as possible but also get right to work helping retain soil moisture and temperature while suppressing those early-season weeds. Also, because our mulch is applied in a nice light topdressing, we don’t suffocate the soil with the sort of heavy mulch that can kill plants. It looks great and is applied early enough to do its job properly.

Do I have to have a fertilization program for our turf?

Nobody wants to be the house or business with the weeds and the dandelions, so getting turf fertilization and weed control applications help keep a lawn looking full and lush and free of rogue vegetation all year long. Not only is this sort of lawn a better reflection as you as a home owner or business owner, but it also is a reflection of the work that Green Side Up Landscaping is doing with the rest of your property. Our crews do not want to mow just weeds!

How is the maintenance service billed?

We add up the costs of all our services for the year and divide them by 12, meaning customers get an exact bill each month spread out over the course of the year. We invoice on the first of every month and give customers until the end of the month to remit payment.