Landscape FAQs

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Why is my plant not all the way in the ground?

It is very important to plant trees and shrubs correctly to insure the best chance for long term survival. The diagram below shows that the top part of the plant should be planted a couple inches above the surrounding soil level for the best root distribution.


How long should the stakes be on the trees?

Trees should be staked for no longer then 1 year. Otherwise long term damage could be caused to tree. The staking to just to help stabilize the tree until it gets established.

How do I water my new plant material?

Your plants are living things just like a pet. They need constant attention! Please keep them moist to insure best results. Here is a rough guideline for watering:

Newly planted trees and shrubs should be watered on average 2-3 times weekly for the first year. A simple moisture test is to place your finger just under the mulch layer and feel the amount of moisture in the soil. Water plants for 15-20 minutes (preferred method is with a hose set at a very low flow rate so as to get a good, deep watering which will encourage deep root growth).

Another guide to follow is based on weekly outdoor temperatures.
90 degrees or above – water 4 times per week
70-90 degrees – water 3 times per week
50-70 degrees -= water 2 times per week

How do I prune my plant material?

The below diagram shows the correct ways to prune plant material: