Green Side Up’s original hardscape living spaces refresh your outdoor experience with all new possibilities. Anything you dream of extending outdoors…more privacy, oases of relaxation, al fresco dining, swimming, stargazing, family sports, celebrations and more, Green Side Up can bring home for you. Our experience with installing outdoor kitchens, pool decks, pergolas, firepits, cobblestone edging and countless variations equip us to customize your yard into your wildest dreams.

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Master Landscape Design

Our team of professional landscaping designers will work with our clients to achieve their dream oasis. First, we listen to the clients wants and desires. Second, we make suggestions prior to patio designs, hardscape designs, landscape design, garden design designing that will give them the most bang for their buck and achieve our clients goals. Next in our process, our team of talented designers work on a CAD design that is 100% custom to your project. Once finished, the plan is presented to the client. The clients feedback from the design is used to make any changes to the design before a proposal is presented. View Gallery of Landscape Design Pictures

Patio Designs

Need a place to get away from the world? A patio is a great addition to your landscape that will do just that. Patios extend your house into your landscape. The benefits of patios are great, from having additional entertaining area to increasing your property value. You really cant go wrong with adding a patio to your property. View Landscape Design Pictures of Patio Installation

Outdoor Living Spaces

This phrase really describes any aspect of your landscape that is used outside of the home. These areas could be paver patios, outdoor fireplace area, outdoor kitchen, fire pit area, water features and even a pool. Outdoor living is a great way to enjoy nature and a great landscape that is inviting to use will encourage you to get out and explore. View Landscape Design Pictures of Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor Fireplaces

Dont want the smoke in your face from a fire pit? Fireplaces offer a great option for clients that want a large focal point in their landscape and an element of fire. An outdoor fireplace can really draw you and your friend from inside out to enjoy your landscape. It is also a great gathering place for family and friends. View Landscape Design Pictures of Outdoor Fireplace Installations

Pools/Water Features

An element of water in your landscape really can take it next level. The nice soothing sounds from a well placed water feature can really help unwind you from a long day at work. In the same way a pool in your landscape invites you to go for a swim on a hot afternoon. These aspects will both help you enjoy your landscape fully. View Landscape Design Pictures of Pool/Water Feature Installations

Outdoor Kitchens

Having a space to prepare all your food outside is a popular among our clients. If you entertain a good deal, then an outdoor kitchen is a must. These custom kitchens are filled with whatever elements you desire. You can have all the aspects of indoor cooking but out in nature. View Landscape Design Pictures of Outdoor Kitchen Installations

Our Other Services:

Custom Landscaping


Our landscape pavers use paver systems that are so flawlessly engineered and installed that we guarantee them for the life of your home. Learn More

Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance

Keeping up property value is what we do best. Which makes life more beautiful, and your entire yard more livable in every season. Learn More

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