Hardscapes FAQs

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What is the difference between a segmented retaining wall (SRW) and a cultured stone veneer wall?

Segmental Retaining Walls:

These are modular concrete block walls used for vertical grade change applications. We at GSU use a product for most residential applications that looks like this:


This product uses a 3” and a 6” sized wall material to give a very textured and rustic appearance.


These wall systems are considered flexible and are on a gravel base.This product comes with a concrete cap that matches the wall.


Veneer Walls:

Veneer walls are a concrete block wall with a stone veneer applied to the exposed face(s).


Veneer walls are usually capped with a natural stone cap. There are name colors and options for style in the veneer world. This wall system is considered rigid because it is set on a concrete base.

What is the “I” Pattern for laying pavers?

This the most common pattern using both 6”X6” and 6”X9” pavers.


What is a soldier course?

A soldier course is the outside row of pavers that acts as a border around the paver area.


What are the differences between Fireplaces and Fire Pits?

Fireplaces are a great focal point for any large outdoor living space. The more formal look also offers the added advantage of getting smoke up and away from all guests. This is an example of what one of our fireplaces look like:


Fire pits are less formal but a great way to gather a group and roast some marshmallows.


Will weeds grow up in the cracks of my pavers?

As you can guess the paver industry has been asked this question for years. The solution is a sand that goes in between the pavers that contain polymers. Once the sand has been placed in between the pavers the surface is watered down and the polymers in the sand bind together to create a solid surface. This still allows the pavers to be a “flexible” system but it prevents weeds from coming up.


What if we ever have a problem with our paver surface?

We offer a LIFETIME warranty on the craftsmanship of our patios to prove to you that we are a contractor that does this work correctly. There are so many contractors that will be there during the install and then you will never hear from them again, especially if you have an issue. There is a whole section in our proposals dedicated to this aspect.